What equipment do the midwives bring to my home for the birth?

The contents of each midwife’s birth bag may be very different, but most licensed midwives carry similar basic equipment to all births:

  • Sterile instruments for the birth and cutting the umbilical cord
  • An oxygen tank and resuscitation bag/ masks for mother and newborn
  • A suction device for removing mucus and other material from the baby’s nose and mouth
  • A stethoscope for listening to the baby’s heart rate during labor and pushing
  • Drugs and/or herbs for preventing or stopping the mother from bleeding too much after the birth
  • IV equipment and fluids for rehydration of the mother
  • Vitamin K and eye ointment for the newborn

Your midwife may ask you to purchase some other supplies for the birth, such as disposable underpads, gloves, a newborn hat and receiving blankets.