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The manner in which you are born is extremely important and is the basis of our practice, we provide San Diego midwife services which we promote a calm and safe environment where birth can be free and develop with almost no intervention. During the mother’s pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, we commit spend dedicated time working with you to make sure that your overall experience is an exceptional and empowering one.

We understand and know that excellent care promotes great outcomes for mothers and their babies!

San Diego Homebirth

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Prenatal Care

Routine prenatal care is vital for detecting and reducing problems, but excellent prenatal care goes further as well as it emphasizes nutrition, exercise, emotional, social and psychological health. Homebirth prenatal care is superior to routine prenatal care which is individualized and also the luxury of longer appointments enables trust as well as bonding between mother-to-be and midwife.

Homebirth prenatal visits are monthly until 28 weeks, twice a month from 28-36 weeks, and every week after 36 weeks until the birth of the child. Homebirth prenatal visits last forty-five minutes to one hour, as compared to fifteen minutes or less in routine medical care visits. A minimum of one prenatal visit will be at your home and all of the remainder visits will be in our office.

  • In depth and detailed nutritional counseling
  • Hour or longer appointments
  • counseling and in depth conversations regarding tests and procedures
  • We will address any concerns, fears or questions you may have
  • Family appointments (You can bring your other children as well and even your partner etc…)
  • In traditional pregnancy related complaints you will receive alternative healing modalities
  • Preparation for Childbirth
  • Friendly and relaxed environment
  • 24/7 availability by phone


Labor and Homebirth

Among the best reasons for having homebirth is you will never need to go out of your own home. Instead, We come to you. For some women it can be hard to recognize when labor is actually underway. As opposed to making trips to a birth center or hospital back and forth, we come and check up on you to assess and evaluate your labor. When labor is official, we come to your home and will be with you until your baby is born and until both of you are stable and on your own.

Another advantage of homebirth is you will be the queen of your family castle instead of as a guest in a birth center or hospital. Feeling more in charge of your environment reduces stress and enables you to surrender more easily to the strength of birth.

Midwife means “with woman”. We stay by your side continuously while you are having labor and the birth of your child. Continuity of care increases safety when pregnant and birth. Compared to hospital staff, with frequent shift changes and impersonal “babysitting” through the electronic fetal monitor, the homebirth midwife knows her client intimately and is closely attuned to her well-being and to her baby.

Once your baby is born, he/she will go directly into your arms. We do not cut the umbilical cord until following the placenta is born. The child remains oxygenated through the placenta after birth. Any necessary assessments, like evaluating your baby’s breathing and pulse rate, are completed while your baby is in your arms. The ideal place for your baby to be after birth is within your arms and next to your heart.

Some fathers ask whether they can catch the baby. Absolutely, yes. I support your baby’s father in receiving your baby, and We are right beside him should he require any assistance.


About Homebirth

We assist families that like to birth within the comfort, privacy and safety of their own homes. For healthy mothers attended by the certified midwife, homebirth as been proven to be as safe as a hospital birth (1,2), more satisfying (3) and much less likely to employ unnecessary interventions or lead to a needless c-section (1).

Giving birth at home will be much easier on the mother, baby and whole family. In the hospital unnecessary medical interventions as well as other insensitive practices can create an unpleasant experience. Research in perinatal psychology proves what we have already learned intuitively, that the newborn is a sentient, feeling, remembering, aware being and that “the experiences within the womb and also at birth will have a profound influence on his or her future health and human behavior” (4). The way you are born is very important!

Homebirth is a satisfying, safe and serene choice for new borns, mothers, fathers and siblings.


Lab Tests and Ultrasounds for Homebirth

All routine prenatal lab tests and ultrasounds are available, although not required. I encourage you to definitely consider each routine test during your pregnancy and pick those that are tightly related to both you and your baby. A in depth discussion about the risks and advantages during your prenatal visits will allow you to make an informed decision. Excellent prenatal care is individualized on the unique needs of mother and baby for your homebirth.


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