Is it safe to have a home birth delivery?

Is it safe to have a home birth delivery?

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Home birth vs hospital birth

Home Birth vs Hospital Birth

First of all, I encourage you to do complete due diligence prior to making a decision to have a home birth as opposed to a hospital birth.

Here are some of the pros you will have when having a home birth.  Below I will note some of the cons as well.

Home Birth Pros and Cons

Home Birth Pros:

  • Your within a stress relieving environment and you are within the comfort of your personal home!
  • There will be no papers to sign or will there be any fetal heart monitors that will be holding you down!
  • If any problems may arise, Midwifes are highly educated professionals on handling issues
  • You are able to give birth to your baby and climb straight into your very own bed
  • YOu will have many more birthing options such as positions, water birth and birthing balls
  • Bonding with baby and parents is uninterrupted and is supported highly
  • Room service from your spouse, friend and/family members

Home Birth Cons:

  • In the event something goes wrong you might need to go to the hospital to give birth to your baby
  • Home births are not recommended for high risk pregnancies
  • It is important that you plan for help if you already have kids so you can relax and rest

These are just the fundamentals to help you begin understanding the pros and cons of where you need to give birth to your child. Its important to communicate with your spouse about what you would like to see throughout the birth of your baby. Speak with your care provider about what the best choices are for you when delivering your child. You may find that your care provider isn’t the right person you need.

Remember that good chemistry between you and your care provider is imperative. Interview a few different professionals before you make a decision.  You must check around for the care provider that’s in alignment with your beliefs around natural childbirth. Never forget that this is the birth of your baby and you have a choice in how the birth will take place and with the right support either your home birth or a hospital birth can be done how you have always dreamed it to be!

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