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Postpartum Care

Postpartum care San Diego

Can a Midwife help you with your San Diego Homebirth and Postpartum Care?

Childbirth in essence is educational and self-discovery, not assimilating obstetric information. Our classes (‘Birthing From Within’) will help take the mystery out of waterbirths and natural homebirth which will empower you with the proper tools that are necessary to feel more relaxed and to have a complete body-mind experience before labor.

We understand and believe that the preparation for a holistic childbirth actually means preparing your body, mind and spirit for whatever the Birth Fairy may bring to you and your baby. San Diego midwife.

Postpartum Care in your own home

During postpartum care, when you’re already in your own home, you can just stay in bed, skin to skin together with your baby.

Ideally, you and your baby will bond for three quiet days together while you wait for your milk to come. These first three days are a time for the two of you to rest and integrate the birth experience. It is a time for baby to adjust to life away from the womb as well as for the two of you to produce a deep attachment to each other.

It’s great for the environment within your home to be quiet and under-stimulating during postpartum. Normally, visitors must be discouraged throughout the first week after the birth except dropping off food at your doorstep. Someone near to you should move in for at least a weeks to help you take care of older siblings, cook, assist you and serve you food while you’re in bed, do the laundry, shop, answer the phone, answer the door, receive the mail, etc. All this will help you have a better postpartum care.

We visit you and your baby twenty four hours after the birth, three days after the birth and the following week after the birth. You should plan a 1 week appointment with your pediatrician. An office visit is scheduled with us around six weeks postpartum to check on you again and discuss choices for family planning (contraception).

Postpartum care San DiegoNewborn Care in Your Own Home

Within hours of the birth we examine your baby. We continue doing this exam at day one, day three and the following week after birth. Your pediatric care provider will continue to provide care for your baby after 1 week of life. We will give you a report on referrals for pediatric care providers during your prenatal care so that you may choose your baby’s care provider before the birth.

Birth Certificates for San Diego Homebirths

Birth Certificates for homebirths are provided by the Public Health Department.
Midwife, mother and baby schedule an appointment together to get a birth certificate within twelve months from the birth. The cost of the birth certificate is $17.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and to meet our team of care providers so you can learn if we are a good fit for you and your family.

Postpartum care