Should I keep the placenta from my baby?

Should I keep the placenta from my baby?

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We get this question asked a lot. In many cultures, placentas are buried in their backyard and planting a tree over it. This will provide much nutrients to the tree nourishing it through it’s growth in the same manner it nourished your baby.

Some mothers’ decide to dehydrate the placenta and encapsulate it so they can take capsules during their postpartum. This can help with those famous baby blues, increased milk and even any help alleviate any fatigue that the mother may experience after giving birth. Studies have shown that over 25% of mothers experience some sort of postpartum depression. This may be avoided by ingestion your encapsulated placenta immediately following the birth of your child.

Placenta encapsulation is not a new thing, it comes from Chinese tradition dating back thousands of years. For more information on placenta encapsulation, here’s a good resource website that we recommend Tree of Life Placenta Encapsulation.

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