Brooke and Sunshine are amazing, and we are so thrilled that we chose them as our midwifery team! Prenatal visits with them are relaxed and informative, and we always felt they had enough time for all our questions and concerns.

They tailored their care to exactly what we wanted and needed from them, and made me feel very safe which was important to me since this was my first pregnancy. It is so nice to go to prenatal visits and work with someone that is genuinely glad to see you and truly cares about how you’re doing – I have seldom been able to say that about any OB I’ve seen in the past!

Throughout our labor and birth they provided excellent and skilled care, and even when my labor threw us some curve-balls and wasn’t progressing quickly, they provided all the information and guidance we needed so that my husband and I could ultimately make the decisions that felt right for us – and finally we did get the beautiful water birth at home that we’d been dreaming of all those months. We are eternally grateful to them for helping us get there – and allowing us to welcome our son into the world in the best way we could!

All our love,

~ Katie, Arash, and Fletcher Bauer


We picked Brooke and Sunshine to be our midwives because we felt that they made a good team, had years of experience, and were respected within the birthing community. We also liked that Brooke was a Certified Nurse Midwife, and had hospital experience. Plus, they always made us feel at ease with questions we had, and they made sure we were really prepared for the delivery. And, when a bump did arise in the labor and delivery process (and with us it seemed to both times) Brooke and Sunshine handled it with stunning expertise and at the same time remained calm and we felt their good energy.

Bottom line, they gave us choice and let us take the lead on how we wanted things to go. I felt free to listen to my own body. We are very happy to report we’ve had two happy healthy baby boys at home.

Thank you Brooke and Sunshine!

~ Joshua and Tara Alkire


Dear Sunshine –

Thank you so much for all your wisdom and support as I navigate my way from ‘mouse’ to ‘bear’. Your knowledge and experience has given me so much, one of the best parts of this training so far.

With deep gratitude & love,

~ Shelly Rahim


Dear Sunshine,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and genuine presence with us during the ‘Birthing From Within’ class. It has been such a sweet process and we have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. We feel so lucky that we had you as a facilitation, especially considering you may be letting go of teaching for a while. You bring a depth and wisdom that is truly unique & certainly contributes a significant flair to the client. Many thanks for such a fantastic class!

With love from,

~ Wren & Pete & Tiny Wonder’


Sunshine –

I’m so glad you were abl to assist on our birth. Thank you so much for helping bring our son into the world. When you arrived, you brought in a wonderful sense of calm that washed over me. Between you, Brooke & Morgan, I felt like the safest, luckiest woman. Thank you for your wisdom.

All our love,

~ Erin, Morgan & Lucas



I want to thank you for everything you did for me during my pregnancy and labor with Tobias. When I got pregnant again, I went in search of something different, something more meaningful, something more in accordance with the laws of nature. And despite not getting the outcome I was looking for, it WAS different and more meaningful. From the very first visit with us where you consulted with Brad and I, you listened. I think you know how affected I was after my labor experience with Aiden and you understood. You understood. I hope you know how much of a gift that is. It meant the world to me that someone in the ‘business’ of birthing wuld understand the profound affect labor can have on a woman and the lasting wounds that can occur. I loved your knowledge and your overall approach. I loved that you actually palpated my belly and knew my baby’s head was down! I loved that you allowed the time and space necessary for us to build a report and then I trusted you. Therefore, I trusted myself and my birth plan through my whole pregnancy. I felt pumped and empowered. I do feel like I was given the opportunity to have my baby naturally. I thank you for allowing me to do that and for being there for me. I thank you for coming to the hospital with me, for helping me with my decision to have the c-section, for visiting me the day after, and for coming into my home days later and acknowledging not only what happened to me physically, but what happened emotionally as well. I may never know why I couldn’t birth my baby the way I wanted. I liked what you said about remembering that Tobias was part of it and he had his own plan and way into this world. I have thought that maybe it wasn’t so much that I protected them, but that maybe, my boys protected me with kindness and compassion. Your steady hands and heart were present and strong. You have made a lasting imprint on me.

What you have to offer women is such a wonderful thing. You will never be paid enough for it. It was what I went in search of. Never doubt that the work you do is GOOD. You add to the stream of life and respect the mystery. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and that you were the one to help me labor with Tobias. You deserve all good things my sweet Sunshine.

With JOY,

~ Katie


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